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3 Mar, 2021
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Have you noticed that some people can be a bit heavy on some topics?  I am sure that everyone knows someone like that.  And it is often to do with their own issues and struggles which they project onto people around them. It is an art to learn how to listen more to what they are saying, rather than reacting, and at that time to check: Is this really anything to do with me?  Who does this ‘stuff’ belong to?

It is freeing to remember that everyone is on their own journey, and their journey is not my journey.  If we do not want to be on the receiving end of some of this negative stuff, then we need to make sure that we are not on the same frequency of fear, guilt, feeling unworthy or anything else that is negative, then this stuff cannot be attracted to us.  It will not stick to us. We may feel a breeze as it passes by, and that is okay.  We are aware of it, and acknowledge that it is just… passing by.  Let it go.

Once we make peace with our past and myself then we have effectively made our ‘self’ free from those old habits and programs.  No need to take the rubbish of other people anymore.  Things of the past, situations and other people – we can let go of all these things.

The only job that we need to do now is to be happy.  To keep our minds happy.  As soon as we stop accepting the rubbish of others, then that ‘stuff’ has to stay with them.  In the past I may have found that souls had just been ‘dumping their stuff’ onto me to make themselves feel better, and I had been taking it.  But now I do not need to do that, because now I am no longer seeking to please everyone.  I have resigned from the position of ‘people pleaser’.

If something comes up to test you, then ask yourself: What do I need to learn from this situation, or this person? How would I feel if the situation was better or different?  Energize those good feelings and keep them positive, personal and in the present. Maintaining a daily practice of meditation with some positive affirmations also helps.

I feel happy

I feel good

I am free

I enjoy everyone and everything in life

My life and my world is beautiful

We instantly start to feel better when we shift focus to the positive.  Vibrations start to rise to a higher frequency too.  Creating a connection with the Supreme Power in our meditation acts as a short-cut to the system to pull us off the fog of illusion.  When we are suffering from a total system failure, then God is the one who acts as a lifeline to pull us out of that crash mode.

When we shift our focus to feeling better, then we automatically start to feel better! Then we attract the positives more into our lives.  These become the manifested solutions, and all because we did the work on ourselves.  The key is to keep my focus on me, on my thoughts and my feelings.  

Creating a positive self-image is the road to accepting and loving ourselves.  When we maintain a positive attitude and vision for our ‘self’ and others, we can make ourselves free of other people’s projections and opinions.

Yes, it is very convenient, and less painful, to blame others for our own feelings of unhappiness and lack of self-control, because then we feel justified in them – and that also means we can avoid having do any work on ourselves.  And yes, sometimes that inner work can seem like a mammoth task, especially when we do not have any resources or power to deal with our own stuff. This is where the meditation comes in!

Stay positive and life is much lighter. We can use our feelings and emotions to guide us through situations. Sometimes we need patience and we need to give ourselves encouragement. But most of all be aware: In this situation how much of this ‘stuff’ is mine? (In which case I need to deal with it) and how much of it is the other person’s ‘stuff’? (In which case I don’t need to take it on board.)

It’s Time… to free ourselves from the projections of other people.  To just stay light and be attentive to our mind and feelings.  Do not let that which is outside create an emotional disturbance inside.

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