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To receive a tax receipt at the end of the year, please indicate your mailing address  during the transaction.

Supporting L'Émergence

In the digital age, the L’Émergence Meditation Centre offers the opportunity to make online donations. In a few clicks, expressing your generosity has never been easier!

Your donations are precious.
All activities (courses, lectures, workshops, etc.) are offered free of charge, thank you to the voluntary contributions of the participants.

L’Émergence is a registered charity.
We issue tax receipts. To receive a tax receipt at the end of the year, please indicate your mailing address  during the transaction or send it to us in the Contact Us section.

To donate using your credit card and not Paypal, please do not click on the “Save this information for next time” option.

Donation By Interac E-Transfer With Email Address

To transfer money using the Interac e-Transfer service, you must have access to your financial institution’s online or mobile banking services.

In the transfer or payment menu of your online banking services, choose the Interac e-Transfer option, then enter:

  • Name of the recipient: L’Émergence
  • Email address:
  • Amount to transfer: indicate the amount of your donation in $ CAD
  • Account to be debited: select account

1. Next, enter a security question that the recipient will be able to answer.

  • Enter the question
  • Enter the answer
  • Follow the directions to send the transfer
  • Send us the answer to the security question in Contact Us section.

2. Message : Donation

3. L’Émergence will receive a notification of the transfer by email. To complete the transaction, L’Émergence will only have to click on the link received, open a session on the website of their financial institution and answer your security question. The answer to the security question is important for us in order to accept and complete the transaction. 

4. You will never have to share your banking information with anyone, as each user proceeds from the site or application of his own financial institution.

5. If you would like a receipt for tax purposes at the end of the year, please send us a message in the Contact Us section.

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