How your thoughts can change your life

24 Feb, 2021

Defeat, failure and mistakes are a part of life, but wise is the one who finds the path to success through all these.

Our thoughts shape our life, and the quality and direction of our thoughts are decided by our beliefs and goals. If someone decides that they will remain happy, no matter what, they will see and react to people and situations accordingly. Similarly, if we resolve that our relationships are more important than our ego, we will relate to people positively. So, we need to check our attitudes and beliefs, and change them if necessary.

Our thoughts create vibrations, which spread all around us. These vibrations first affect our brain. If someone creates a lot of negative thoughts, they are supplying negative energy to their brain.

Some people hold on to a hurtful comment made by someone, brood over it, and sink into depression. Coming out of that depression is just a matter of checking if there is any truth in the comment, learning any lesson it offers, and moving on. We can choose to be miserable or powerful; we all possess the energy of thoughts, and it is up to us how we use it.

Spiritual principles help us in this. Spirituality is not something esoteric. It is about knowing the self, recognising and using our powers, experiencing our inner peace, and having harmonious relationships.

All souls are the children of the Supreme Soul, the Almighty. We are powerful, like our Father. When we recognise our inner powers, our problems shrink. What we see as a problem is, in fact, the creation of a weak mind; we magnify trifles by overthinking them. Once the mind becomes strong, the problem ceases to exist.

Our thoughts also need to be pure and positive. What is our attitude towards others? The way we see them determines the way they respond. The universe, too, responds to our thoughts, creating situations that reflect the way we think. If I often think, ‘I have so many problems…’, I will always have problems. On the other hand, if I am determined to be stronger than my troubles, they will start melting away.

Happiness and love also fortify the mind, as well as the body. Where there is a lack of these two powerful energies, emotional and physical illnesses begin to develop.

To keep the mind healthy, it helps to accept what we cannot change. Acceptance brings contentment and stops futile thoughts of frustration.

If we are in a situation we do not like, why not shift our perspective and decide to make the most of it rather than drain our energy in grumbling and cursing our fate? For example, when there is too much to do, we can complain and drudge through it, or have a go at it with gusto. We all know what our state of mind will be like in either case.

Waking up every day lamenting over our rude spouse or despotic boss will keep us in low spirits. It does not help in any way. Instead, if we become sanguine about it, focus on their good qualities, and then relate to them, the relationship will start to change, as our positive vibrations elicit a like response from them.

This is how we can use the power of our thoughts to transform our life. Think only of what you want, not what you dislike, and that reality will start taking shape.

Surya Bhai

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