To serve nature, first tend your inner world

28 Apr, 2021

We are only beginning to under – stand the effect of our consciousness on the environment. Lack of inner harmony expresses itself in the upheaval in nature — the unprecedented natural disasters and abnormal weather conditions — that we are seeing across the planet. We are now seeing how there is growing acknowledgement that, for us to tackle the huge challenges that climate change is posing before human beings, what is needed most of all is a fundamental change of mindset at all levels. Mindsets will start to shift when individuals have the understanding and the tools to be able to make constructive changes in their own lives, which then impact positively on the community and the planet. When there is harmony within, our relationship with the environment, with matter, is one of respect and compassion. We take care not to contribute to the destruction of other forms of life; we support their existence and the diversity and beauty of the world around us. Inner harmony also brings physical wellbeing. There is a healthy, comfortable relationship between mind and body and that creates a sense of security and a feeling of warmth and ease around us. When we are not feeling peaceful inside, our bodies are also restless; we then automatically create restlessness around us and are affected by the negativity of people and situations around us. The correlation between physical health and mental well-being is also well documented. It has been said that 70 per cent of visits to the doctor and 80 per cent of serious illnesses may be linked to stress. Conversely, it has been shown that when people dealing with sickness or injury are able to keep their attitude and their thoughts and feelings peaceful and positive, they have a greater chance of recovery. Meditation enables us to rediscover and reenergise our inner qualities. Becoming more aware of them and practising them in everyday situations can transform our thinking, our speaking and our doing and bring them back into alignment and harmony. So, it is worth making time for yourself on a regular basis to observe, understand and care for your inner world. When we sit in silence and nurture the soul by reminding ourselves of our true, spiritual identity and our inner qualities and strengths, we are able to connect with God in a relationship of deep love and trust. It is this divine energy that gives us the clarity to see what changes we need to make in our lives—and the power to do that.

B.K. Jayanti is the director of the Brahma Kumaris in Europe.

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