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31 Dec, 2021
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By Aruna Ladva, London, from the World Renewal

With all the gloom and doom, we keep hearing, in the news and in our everyday conversations – ‘it’s so easy to get sucked into the negativity of fear and terror, and to feel low and depressed’. This is the time in which, while the ‘leaders of the world’ make their plans, the spiritual leaders, in other words, all of us, who are spiritually aware, have to take on the role of holding a very high vibration in the world.

As the evils of the world downgrade the morals of humanity, it is imperative that those of us who are more enlightened make even more effort to raise the vibration of our own spirit and our Mother Earth.

Lust, violence, greed, ego and such are the energies having very low vibrations that do not amount to anything except that they make the soul ever weaker. It is the weak and powerless who resort to such low-level deeds in order to give them a sense of empowerment, but this high is so short-lived that it just leaves one craving for more. And when greed is not met, then the next port of call may be violence or oppression.

Violence is not only beheading and slaughter, rape and rampage, violence is also a every single negative thought that we create in our minds. The dense energy of violence is present in the world today because we do not have the power to exercise the elevated authority of virtue. If we can understand this spiritual truth deeply, and know that on one level we are all connected, then we would be mindful to only create the right type of thoughts that do not inflict pain on ourselves, and also do not hurt others or the planet earth.

Even as we look to the seven chakras within the body… we see that the ‘base’ and ‘sacral chakras’ are very much about physical survival and dealing with corporeal matters. The upper chakras, the ‘third eye’ and the ‘crown’, are about soul consciousness and super consciousness. So, nature tells us that as we raise the vibrational energy within the self, we elevate ourselves to a higher level of living. By dealing with and letting go of our fears around survival and material needs, we become happier and more wholesome beings.

In the vibrational universe that we live in, every thought is significant. If too many of us are engrossed with the listening, reading about, or watching on television the latest doom and disaster, then we are only perpetuating that negative energy. We are giving more life to it than necessary. Repeating or speaking of these things is sending out more negative vibrations. We need not to talk about or give life energy to these negative happenings. Instead we need to give life to the good that is happening, and if it is not happening then we need to get busy in creating the high energy thoughts that will make it happen!

The ‘critical mass’ theory describes that when enough people reach a certain percentage in their way of thinking or doing something, then it will create a tipping point, a shift in the consciousness in the world. Suddenly the scales will move in the opposite direction. If enough of us can shift our personal energies by the use of right type of thoughts away from the material into a more divine vibration, then we will be able to tilt the negative vibrational fields into positive ones.

And the very good news is that, just as a few tiny candles can dispel a great amount of darkness, so too it only takes a small percentage of high vibration individuals to compensate for many at a low level. Thus, the shift may not be as far away as we may think.

We all need to stay light and happy and not allow fear and terror to overcome us. This is a way of counteracting the negative forces. We can only do this when we have done the inner work that allows us to see through the illusions of life and know that we are spiritually much more powerful than any ‘dark forces’ that may be out there.

It’s time… to raise your vibration and also the vibration of the planet. Don’t add to the gloom and doom, instead become a bright light in the dark.


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