Our Thoughts Create Our Environment

21 Apr, 2022
Emoto Crystal exposed to 'Love'

We now realize how the quality and power of our thoughts impacts us at every moment and creates our world. Thought affects not only our health and every cell of our body, but also animals, plants, trees, the environment and atmosphere. For example, research for several years on yogic farming in India is proving when seeds and seedlings are planted with peaceful and loving thoughts, and nourished with meditation, the quality continues to improve and the harvest yield increases.

The amazing discovery by Japanese professor, Dr. Masaru Emoto, opened this deeper understanding of the power of thoughts and words. One of his books The Miracle of Water describes his experiments. Emoto visibly proved that ‘our thoughts create the quality of our world.”  His photographs show how water forms crystals, either beautiful or ugly, according to whatever positive or negative words and thoughts they have been exposed to. [See above visual of a crystal exposed to the word ‘Love’.] Positive thoughts that are life affirming such as love, appreciation and hope were beautifully shaped crystal snowflake crystals. Negative thoughts, anger or words such as hate and hopeless formed ugly, disfigured looking forms. Since our bodies are 70% water, imagine what the water crystals in our bodies would look like when exposed to negative thoughts and words instead of positive ones. Our bodily water would be misshaped from the inside out and our appearance and health affected in a similar way! So when drinking water remember to  have positive thoughts!

However, mankind’s mental pollution and its effect on the physical world is increasing every year and places us all at risk, rich and poor alike. As the quality of our thoughts continues to deteriorate, just as its own rust can destroy iron, our own mindset can destroy us and the planet.  However, to stop fretting about things beyond our immediate control, pause, unplug your mind from everything and everyone for a few minutes. Slow down.  Allocate time each day for spaces of stillness and meditation.  Check within.  Quiet the mind and then change the quality of your thoughts. Nurturing the inner being like this, helps us continue to enjoy our responsibilities and to be giving, without depleting ourselves. When we focus on creating optimistic and kind thoughts, others feel safe and supported.  Teach positive thinking, resilience and compassion; how thoughts create our feelings and reach the person we are thinking about.

Connect and communicate with the Supreme Being, who is only a thought away!  God, the Father, always sees us at our best. This pure love recharges and refreshes the soul, and creates newness by removing waste and negative thoughts, tiredness, and heaviness of desires.  When our minds and hearts are clean and unpolluted, the air, water and elements would again become clean, free from pollution and disease. Because when I change, the world changes. We remember our original brotherly love and respect we had for each other, and nature once again will become beautiful, peaceful, happy, abundant and heavenly!

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