Let’s protect our mental health

7 Apr, 2022
Let's protect our mental health

The world is a terrifying place right now. It’s unrealistic to suggest that you log off entirely or tune out the events unfolding in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, nationally and elsewhere.  Just make sure to look out for yourself to ease the anxiety as you catch up on the news.  It seems every day, something new pops up rendering us more burnt out, powerless, tired or sad.  The weight of this may be taking a toll, and many others are right there with you.  Check the following points to protect your mental health. You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of junk!

How we begin the day has a great impact on how we spend the rest of the day. First few minutes are like a plain land where we can sow the positive seeds of enthusiasm, freshness and happiness. Upon waking, be detached, focus on your eternal identity. of being a peaceful soul.  As a being of light connect with the loving light of the Supreme source, and enjoy God’s spiritual richness and power bubbling in your heart.

It’s no secret that stress is one of the biggest health hazards we face in modern times. Solution?  To maintain spiritual power, create routines that help you relax and decompress.  In Costa Rica they have a word for this daily practice – “down shifting”. Whether it’s taking a simple Power nap…Going for a relaxing stroll in nature… Spending quality time with the people you love…. best of all… Pause several times during the day to check the quality of your thoughts and count your blessings. Play the game of transforming useless thoughts into powerful thoughts.  Do this over and over again until you have dominion over yourself.  Practice positive life affirming methods such as meditation and yoga, and you will instantly notice you are empowering yourself.

Embrace negative news and disinformation and you will instantly notice your inner power taking leave! Thoughts affect our entire energy field creating either wellness or illness. Rubbish in – Rubbish out!  Stay informed but don’t go into detail in thoughts and words. Too many thoughts, thinking too fast and in the wrong way makes us heavy.  Everything is energy. Where thoughts go, energy goes. When listening to the media, to disinformation and negative news, and to others, remove the habit of judging and dis’approval’.  Even if the world situation isn’t improving, just keep the aim for yourself to ‘improve’ each day, to be better than you were before.

When you choose to live a spiritual life, inner cleanliness and simplicity enter your intellect. There is no waste of money, of mental energy or of time and thoughts.  God, in His mercy, pulls our minds towards Himself, saying, ‘Keep your mind with Me’.  Experiencing God’s power, we become peaceful inside, and when we are at peace, we experience our own power and remain double light.

Chirya Risely


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