Where is in all that is happening?

26 Aug, 2021
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God is our spiritual Father and the Highest spiritual energy in the Universe. Over many centuries, God has been loved and respected by millions of people all over the world. In order to understand God, we must have a brand new understanding of ourselves.  We need to redefine ourselves as a soul, a spirit, and not define ourselves by the flesh of the body.  More and more we hear the call for meditation, to look within so that each one of us may remember he or she is a soul and get back in touch with God to help transform the world.  Have you ever wondered that you are a spiritual energy and so is everyone in the world? We undergo changes in our personality, depending on our actions. With wrong thoughts and actions we continue to lose our peace and purity; we can even reach the stage of killing our conscience.   Are we aware that we need to have a spiritual parent who can correct us, when we go wrong and make our personality positive and pure again? This is God’s role in the Universe, to correct us and make us beautiful again. If He did not exist, we would keep losing our pristine original spiritual energy, falling down in qualities and powers. So isn’t it wrong to question His presence? He is eternal and so are we and so is our relationship with Him.

Some people feel that human beings created the concept of God so that they would have someone to fear and as a result they would not perform any negative actions. But God is a merciful parent, not someone to fear. Some people said that the creation of the world is a completely physical process and God has no role to play in it. On the other hand, some others gave the view that God created the world and human beings. However, according to spiritual wisdom shared by God, both these ideologies are incorrect. God has revealed that three entities are eternal in the Universe – God, souls (that means you and me!) and nature, and all three of them have never been created and will never be destroyed. Out of these three, souls and nature undergo change in their qualities from positive to negative and negative to positive.  God never changes and is always constant in qualities.  His true occupation as a spiritual Generator is to recharge us souls when our spiritual batteries have become flat.  God transforms souls and nature from negative to positive, whenever they become negative in the process of time. This is a process of spiritual creation or spiritual rejuvenation or making the old new again by God. This is a drama of life which we need to understand deeply, feel God’s presence and transform ourselves by connecting with Him, instead of questioning His existence. Now begin to see yourself as a soul, defined by the Light of God, as love, truth, and peace and allow yourself to be transformed by this new knowledge.

Chirya Yvonne Risely is a facilitator at Peace Village Learning and Retreat Centre, NY, USA

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