One Year After… Think in a New Way

7 Apr, 2021

Whether we think it is good or bad, firmly believe that a beneficial spiritual purpose is behind everything that happens. When we think in this optimistic way, newness happens and should be recognized. 

With this in mind, in their March edition, Hudson Valley Magazine is honoring local educators who are exemplary in adjusting and creating newness in this unprecedented time of the pandemic. Readers were asked to nominate a teacher for HVM’s Teacher Appreciation awards. The response was overwhelming; so many teachers were nominated.  

When interviewed, the teachers explained their learning experience.

“Learn to focus on the positive and to be open to change.” 

“I learned that with the right mindset, anything is possible.”  

Teachers commented that flexibility, resilience, and courage were keys to teach in this new online and classroom zoom experience.

“We are expert contortionists now!” 

One teacher went door to door to give her graduating kindergartners their diplomas in June. Teachers are also praising the ‘ability of my students to adapt to an ever changing school environment and persevere through it all.’   

Understanding the Lessons behind CoronaVirus  

1. The virus forces us to return to our house, to build a strong family bond, build the home into a family and experience the value of family life,

2. Accept people as they are. We are all equal in the eyes of the virus, and we should treat others equally.

3. Understand everyone is right in their own perspective. The virus reminds us our destinies are linked; things that affect one person also affect another; the false borders we have established are worthless because the virus does not require a passport!

4. Learn to “let go”. The virus reminds us that life is short and how precious health is. Our planet is sick and that our real job is to take care, protect, and help each other. We will get sick if we don’t take care of the planet and ourselves. But we ignore health, eat junk food, drink water contaminated with various chemicals, and pollute our air and minds with toxins.
5. Drop “expectations” from a relationship and give for the sake of giving. Freedom is in our own hands; we can choose to cooperate, help, share, give, and support each other, or we can choose to be selfish, hoarding and self-care. Only when it is difficult can one see the true face of a person.

6. Whatever we do is for our own peace; the epidemic is an end and start. We can now reflect, understand, and learn from our mistakes.

7. Stop proving to the world, how intelligent you are. We cannot be arrogant. No matter how great you or others think you are, a small virus can stop the whole world.

8. Don’t seek approval from others and stop comparing with others. A spiritually mature person stops trying to change others and instead focuses on changing themselves.

“When I change, the world changes.”

9. Enjoy being alone; have love for yourself and be at peace. Life is cyclical; it is just one phase in the cycle now. No need to panic. Difficulties and the epidemic will pass.

10. Be able to differentiate between “need” and “want” and be able to let go of our wants. When encountering difficulties, we remember that our basic needs are food, drinking water and medicine, not luxury goods of little value. Stop attaching “happiness” to material things!

11. Think that the pandemic is a “great error correction.” rather than a disaster! Thinking with a fearful attitude only gives negative results.

Our thoughts lead us to our destiny. Think in an optimistic way and feel renewed. Create peace in your mind and you will live in peace and create a world of peace. The Godly love in our hearts shows through our eyes. This brings the treasures of happiness, peace, powers, knowledge, virtues and co-operation to souls who need this now more than ever.

By becoming one who uplifts others, we automatically uplift ourselves.

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