My Share of Responsibility in a Responsible Ecology

14 Dec, 2022
My Share of Responsibility in a Responsible Ecology

– by Valériane Bernard, Brahma Kumaris Representative of the at the UN, Geneva

We often tend to take things as they come, thinking that it is wisdom.  The same is true for ecology: the earth has always been there, plants and animals too, so they will always be there… Really?

We say, for example, that education is the fruit of centuries of reflection, millennia of knowledge, the legacy of many scientists and philosophers. Its objectives, its methodology and the intelligence that presides over it seem to us to be guarantors of its legitimacy.

This is how we no longer question education or ecology too much. We think even less about the spiritual logic behind it.

Realizing the Impact of Our Actions

This logic seems so real to us that we miss it and do not see the magnitude of the changes that have begun. Our conditioning does not encourage us to position ourselves as conscious beings, capable of becoming responsible actors in climate change and biodiversity.

But the human being, whether he knows it or not, of his own will or not, creates by his way of life a series of consequences invisible to the eyes of those who do not know how to see and thus destroy what their very life depends on.

Becoming aware of the impact of our actions is the first step to change.

To Have the Courage to Change

Our food, our movements, our habitat, and our daily actions have a destructive effect.
Because there are billions of us on earth.
Because we have consumed our heritage.
Because we take our lifestyle for granted.
Because we don’t want to challenge what feels comfortable to us.

Because we don’t want to change the way we live. Even if it has a global impact.
Even if it destroys our habitat, that of our children and the thousands of animals that share with us our common home: THE EARTH.

However, some have the courage to change. Each one can respect the resources and give back to the earth and to humanity a precious energy of appreciation and recognition. Instead of just taking, we can thus help the earth to regain a balance generated by an attitude of sharing.


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