Moving seamlessly from fear to love

27 Jan, 2022
Être humain méditant à cœur ouvert devant la carte du monde

By B.K. Veronica from the Daily Guardian

In today’s world, one of the most important needs is for stability. Most people though, are in a state of instability and insecurity based on named or unnamed fears.

Some fears are obvious and clear to us and some are hidden and only come to the surface in exceptional circumstances. For many, the enforcement of a lockdown and the abrupt cessation of a busy working life can, in the sudden abundance of time available to us, bring many fears to the surface. Fears that we may have been suppressing for a long time.

With courage and honesty and a sense of inquiry, we can begin to acknowledge, understand and accept the fear and this can lead to some kind of permanent change.

There are three questions to ask the self, if the feeling of anxiety and fear is difficult to pinpoint. Am I afraid of God? Am I afraid of others? Am I afraid of what is or is not going to happen?

Sometimes, an inherited, misplaced and unexamined feeling of a punishing God can bring up guilt and a perceived need for retribution.

If I am afraid of others, what is it that I am afraid of, rejection or punishment?

Am I afraid that I will be unable to bear or manage anything that might be on the horizon?

Sometimes, we suppress our fears to such an extent that when they do come to the surface, they have become so enormous and out of all proportion to the reality, they feel like monsters.

Research shows that very small children are not only afraid of unnamed monsters, but also of loud noises, falling and separation. So, we too often become afraid of the loud noises of fear in our heads, of falling from grace and of being separate and alone.

We need to respond like a child, with innocence; the kind of innocence that brings immediate confidence. We need to remember that whatever mistakes were made, were made in innocence of real understanding and power.

We need to put all our trust in the true Innocent Lord – who has immense benevolent love for each and every one. We need to remember that while each one of us is an individual and will ever remain so, the human family, nature and the animal world are one – there is in reality no separation.

There was a time when all was divine, and that time is to return. Let hesitation, the first step towards fear, not rob me of my right to return home to my divinity.

To feel that oneness, let me commune with God, have confidence and trust that all will be well, and contribute my powerful good wishes and pure feelings to all the souls of the world.


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