From the Age of Darkness to the Age of Light

4 Nov, 2021
Girl making Rangoli and decorating with Oil lamps for Diwali

Although the origins of  Christmas and Diwali, the Festival of Lights, are several thousand years apart, the message and methods of celebration are quite similar.  Both celebrations have the underlying theme of the light of brotherly love, peace and mutual respect.  The message of Christmas and Diwali (celebrated this year on November 5), is about the renewal of life, family bonding, giving and receiving of gifts, blessings, good wishes, singing, dancing and lightening up your life..  New clothes, sweets, colorful decorations everywhere all add to the joyous nature.  Candles and millions of sparkling lights illuminate homes and businesses signifying the ‘awakening’ of soul consciousness and reminding us we are divine points of light.  The star at the top of the Christmas tree reminds us of God’s eternal light. For Diwali, thousands of small lighted deepaks (wicked oil lights) float down the rivers on leaves as a memorial of a time when each individual lived in this higher consciousness, naturally aware of being souls..

Both celebrations have wonderful spiritual messages, which became diluted and forgotten over time as we changed from being introverted to extroverted; from being soul conscious to body conscious. Here’s the unfolding story:

“In the winter of the world, the light within us grew dim.  In the darkness, we lost our way in confusion.  Too many thoughts and worries delude and freeze us into inaction in our search for the meaning of life.  A chill of change clouds the mind.  Forgetfulness fills the air covered with the illusion of beauty.

But, a glimmer of light; a glow of soft peace, always there within the soul, awakens the feelings of pure love and memories of our innate goodness. The dark clouds of doubt disappear; new hope and spiritual energy fill the soul, as the Supreme Sun of Knowledge gives courage, understanding and strength to every cold ‘branch’ and ‘twig’ of this eternal Tree of Humanity.  God is only a thought away; always there to show the way, God as the Creator, the Eternal Guiding Light of Knowledge, ignites our extinguished spiritual lights with the water of new knowledge and the flame of His loving remembrance and makes us worthy. The soul awakens and remembers with delight, ‘I am light and you are light.’  The Winter of the world enlightened, blossoms into a pure, peaceful heavenly world of happiness, where brotherly love creates harmony, as the light of the soul is constantly lit.”

Now in this current Winter of the World we can shine our inner light of love again to bring the return of happiness and harmony. “Let your little light shine, let it shine, let it shine!”, because the whole world now needs the light of soul consciousness.  It  takes only a moment to move away from the current Age of Darkness to the Age of Light. Become the living lights, connected to the One True Light to awaken others to shine, and the darkness vanishes like it was never there.  We celebrate the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. By recognizing our true inner wealth of love, generosity, prosperity and spirit. The timeless message of Christmas and Diwali:  “May God’s constant loving Light be reflected through our rekindled light”.

Yvonne Chirya Risely

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