Connecting with God brings power and happiness

24 Nov, 2021
Dadi Janki greeting crowd
Dadi Janki from The Daily Guardian

When you are happy, you do not worry about anything. We are not talking about superficial, external happiness. We are talking about deep, inner happiness. When we have this happiness inside, we feel that everything is easy—nothing is difficult. If you think too much about something, you end up making the situation big and then start worrying about it. It could be an insignificant thing, but we make it big. If you do something good or if you do something well, you will automatically feel good inside.

We are able to experience inner happiness when our breathing is comfortable, our thoughts are peaceful and our feelings are positive—then we are automatically happy and our time is being used well. For instance, in meditation, when we are all using our breath well, our thoughts are good and our time is being used in a worthwhile way, we are automatically free from the worry of thinking what is going to happen and how it will happen. When you have the attitude and mindset that everything is good and everything is going to be good, then it will be good.

What does meditation really mean? Your mind is good and your body is good too. It is in the consciousness and awareness that I am a soul seated in the centre of the forehead. The soul is in this body and so this body functions. In fact, you are a soul and the soul makes all the organs of the body work. We have the sense to know that we are the driver of the car and that the car is separate from us. When we realise that we are separate from the body, it is said that we have divine insight.

When you are worrying, there is not the firm understanding that you are a spiritual being. The awareness is of being this limited physical body, and so you look at others with that consciousness and see the physical aspects of others and think about things such as where they have come from, who they are, what are they like—all questions that come from that physical consciousness. When you have the awareness of yourself as a spiritual being drawing all powers from the Supreme, you let go of that awareness and turn inside. Your thinking changes to the awareness of being a soul, a child of the Supreme Soul, our eternal Father.

We can draw all powers from the Supreme. Generally, with the awareness of the self as a physical being, there is always going to be some attachment in the form of association with others, and this association will make you attached, attracted, influenced and subservient to others. Now, with this awareness, let there be the experience that the Supreme Father is my Mother, Father, Teacher, Brother, Friend, and Companion, and then attachment, the tendency to be impressed, influenced, and suppressed by others will be transformed through these relationships with the Supreme Being.

Our energy is being consumed and we are becoming empty when there is this tendency of being attached, attracted and influenced by others. When we have all relationships with that One, there is so much power within the self. There will be power in every situation and that comes when you first have power in your relationships with the Supreme. The power to be content, the power to accommodate, and the power to tolerate—all these powers are useful in relationships with others because you go deep inside, and in doing so become free from worry. In the eternal thoughts about the self, you also begin to experience God’s presence. Talking about God brings about a lot of happiness inside. Then the quality of our thoughts and relationships, and our face, changes.

The late Dadi Janki was Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris.

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