The Power of Time

10 Mar, 2022
Jayanti Kirpalani

How precious is time? To whatever extent I value my time I become valuable others also value my time and they value me. If I don’t have value for my time and am squandering it then time is slipping through your fingers. So check in any day how you are using time. If I become aware of how much value time has then I will use it for uplifting myself, to serve everyone around me and I can use it to serve the world.

So look at what you are doing today with your thoughts, words, actions and time. Is it all being used in a worthwhile and so there is accumulation? Or am I not able to use things in a worthwhile way. If not, you are wasting time. If what you are doing is ordinary there is no accumulation. If you go into waste then your account is actually debited. You may have had a busy day but what has been accumulated in your account during the day? Did you give happiness? If you didn’t give happiness then nothing has been accumulated. Was I able to inspire, encourage, motivate or uplift anyone? They are things that can be shared with family and friends. They can be shared with people you are in contact with on Whatsapp. If I am full, aware and attentive then I will want to use these treasures for others. I will then be using my time in a worthwhile way. The Raja Yoga calls this the power of thought, the power of words, the power of actions and the power of time.

Am I using my time to come closer to God, to deepen and strengthen my faith? By emerging experiences of the times I have experienced God’s protection, support and intervention then that realisation will help strengthen my faith. If I am using my time and thoughts in a worthwhile way then that will be visible on my face. How do we know if someone is depressed? It can be seen on their face. Our faces should reveal our fortune.

I am in charge of my senses, of myself, my experiences and I am sharing all those good things with people around me. They can feel the benefit, that I am truly the great donor. I have responsibility but that doesn’t weigh heavily on my mind or my heart. I won’t wonder how things are going to get done. If I am able to support others through my good wishes for them there will then be co-operation. If I haven’t invested in relationships and haven’t helped others at a time of need then doors are shut – people are not ready to help. If we use everything in a worthwhile way now then there is no fear for the future.

Stay safe, stay healthy. See what you can do in your own situation; it may be service through your thoughts, your words or your mind and that is an act of kindness to help others.

Om Shanti

Jayanti Kirpalani, Joint Director of the Brahma Kumaris


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