Experiencing True Love, by Dadi Janki

18 Jun, 2021

Deceptive love is love where there is no honesty in the heart. It creates dependency and looks more like a deal than a relationship. This kind of love has become like a drug.

We do not want love that is going to make us dependent. Love should be such that it makes honesty and truth grow. It is honesty that shows us what love is, and real love shows us what honesty is.

The way to free ourselves from dependency on false love is to experience the fullness, the sweetness, of love that is true. Replace poison with nectar and it will be easy to recognise the worthlessness of false love.

We should not just accept whatever love comes our way— from here, there, everywhere. If somebody wants to give us love, first see what kind of love they are offering. Our intuition should realise very quickly what kind of love it is.

To experience true love, we should ask: ‘Is my heart clean? Is it honest? Is it open?’ If it is not, if my heart is still broken, I will not be able to experience true love.


God’s love actually changes me internally. Through God’s love, everything old finishes. God’s love makes me like a mirror – a mirror in which I can see myself clearly and through which others can see themselves – in no time at all.

The power of the love of God, the Almighty Authority, has accumulated in my soul. Because of God’s love, my heart has become so strong that even if somebody does something to hurt me, I do not allow myself to get hurt. No matter what somebody might say, they cannot hurt me.

The experience of God’s love restores faith in God. However, for this faith to be powerful, it needs to be based not just on feelings and experiences but also on a clear understanding of the true nature of the self, God and life. This makes the soul worthy and powerful.

By Dadi Janki, former Head of the Brahma Kumaris

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